Frequently Asked Questions

How is Pupil Reward Points different for primary, middle, secondary and special schools?

The rewards systems we provide are completely different depending on how your school is organised. For example, if your school has children aged 4-11 years old, we provide a different pupil interface that has less information on screen, increased font size, more colour, animations etc. If you cater for older students, we can provide a more grown-up interface for students. If your school spans both age ranges, we can provide a different interface for various year groups. Both interfaces have accessibility features such as being able to change font size and the option of using access keys for navigation.

What rewards can pupils spend their points on?

If you would like the advantages of having an electronic rewards system but without the rewards, we can "turn off" the rewards.

Alternatively, schools can decide what rewards pupils can spend their points on. There is no definitive list of rewards to choose from and no limit to the number of rewards you can make available. Your school can decide how many points each reward is worth and we provide a budgeting tool that can help your school stick to its rewards budget.

There are many ways to keep costs to a minimum such as asking local businesses to donate rewards (a football club might donate a signed football, for example) and offering rewards like "jump the dinner queue" etc. We can provide letter templates to send to parents and businesses, and we are happy to give advice in this area.

How is Pupil Reward Points different from other reward systems?

- Barcode scanners are optional and plastic cards are not required.

- The school has complete freedom over the rewards it chooses - your school keeps its rewards budget and can set up its own rewards shop.

- Pupil Reward Points was made by a teacher, for teachers.

- Continually improved by feedback from its users - it is user-friendly, anyone can use it.

- A different system for primary, middle, secondary and special schools, which can be customised to meet unique requirements.

- We can remove or hide unwanted features, change existing features or even add new features.

- Instantly access up-to-date reports on student achievement (individually, by groups, by date etc).

- Colourful graphs and charts in order to see trends, not just numbers in tables.

How can I award points when I do not have computer / internet access?

Staff can print top-up vouchers, which pupils can exchange for points. This allows points to be given to a pupil at any time - for example, when walking between classrooms or on the school field. Alternatively, the vouchers can be printed on to labels and stuck into pupils' books when marking work. Each voucher contains a unique code, which the pupil can enter at a later time to redeem their points.

Alternatively, staff can download our Android app to award points via their mobile phone.

How easy is it to use?

It is very easy to use and most people can use it without any training at all. Even so, we provide free training resources (for staff and for students) on how to use Pupil Reward Points. If necessary, we can provide inset training for a morning, afternoon or after school.

Is it secure? What about data protection?

Pupil Reward Points has been developed to be as secure as possible. Even if a pupil uses a teacher's computer when they are not looking, the teacher will be able to see and undo any points that have been awarded using their account.

The data sent between SIMS and Pupil Reward Points is kept to a minimum and all sensitive data is encrypted before being sent. The school retains ownership of its information and it will not be passed on or sold to any third party. As legally required to do so, we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and have informed them of how we use schools' data. Data from schools based in the UK stays within the UK.

Is it reliable?

Yes, Pupil Reward Points has undergone extensive testing and is currently operating with no problems. Your Pupil Reward Points administrator can download daily backups to ensure that all data is kept safe.

Does it work with SIMS?

Yes, Pupil Reward Points can read data from SIMS relating to pupils, staff and classes so that all information is up-to-date. It is even possible to for the reward system to read attendance data from SIMS and automatically reward good attendance.

Does it work with other MIS software?

Yes, as well as SIMS, the system currently works with CMIS, Progresso and RM Integris. If you would like to discuss integrating another MIS, please contact us to discuss your options.

Can it work without MIS integration?

Yes, each school has an administrator area where students, staff and classes can be administered manually. Small schools may prefer to do this rather than integrate their MIS software.


The system is provided for an annual subscription, which is based on the number of pupil user accounts. Prices start at just £1 per pupil per year ex VAT. Please contact us for a quotation and to discuss your requirements.

We are confident that staff and pupils will enjoy using our system so we are happy to offer schools a free 6-week trial, subject to availability.