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Pupil Reward Points is updated frequently according to feedback from staff and students. Students using our system told us that they wanted the reward system to look and function much more like a social networking website.

Profile Pictures

Above: A sample of the wide range of profile pictures available to pupils.

Therefore, they can now add a profile picture, change their background, font style and size, and even add their friends. Students cannot communicate with their friends online, as we know staff would not be comfortable with the need to patrol this, so students have been given their own privacy settings and they can decide whether or not to share details of their achievements and attendance with others. By having the choice, we think it teaches them a lot about their online privacy and it can be used when teaching students about Internet Safety.

Students can earn online badges for reaching milestones such as saving 500 points, having at least 95% attendance or earning a particular amount of points in English, Maths or Science. This is another way that Pupil Reward Points can recognise success, which requires no additional input from staff.


Above: Pupils can compete to work their way up various leaderboards. Leaderboards can be anonymised.

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Monitoring performance over time

Students can see how their performance has changed over time and they can even see a break down of their points across an individual month. This could be useful for conversations between students and tutors, or between parents and their children.

Monitoring performance across subjects

For schools that teach subjects seperately, Pupil Reward Points allows students to see how they are performing across those subjects. This information can be used to identify students' strengths and areas for improvement.

All of the above information about each student can also be seen by staff.

Attendanceand Punctuality

Attendance chart

Above: A pupil's personal attendance chart

Punctuality chart

Above: A pupil's personal punctuality chart

Students can see their current attendance and / or punctuality on their homepage, and they can be awarded automatically for their attendance e.g. 1 point per session.

Examine history ofAchievements

Examining history of achievements

Pupils can see details of every individual achievement they have made over weeks, months and years. This is not only useful for student self-assessments but it is also useful for staff meetings about the student.

"I think the website is better than merits because its so much easier and plus you can go on it at home"
- Year 7 student

"I think this is a really good idea because kids are proberly going to be better behaved and working harder to get more points"
- Year 10 student