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Custom School Rewards Systems

With Pupil Reward Points, you can choose from hundreds of features to build your ideal school rewards system. Popular features include integration with SIMS (and other MIS software), tracking house points, communicating attendance and punctuality to parents, features to engage and motivate pupils and much more.

Driven by Feedback

We are constantly improving the system based on staff and pupil feedback. We are happy to adjust and add new features to your school's system whenever required.

Reporting for staff

Instant reports on live data can show house points graphs, leaderboards and even generate certificates.

Track progress

Track progress by reporting on points earned each week (positive and / or negative). The system can automatically email staff and / or parents with a weekly digest.

Fanatical support

We provide all school staff with any support they require by telephone or email. The vast majority of enquiries are resolved within 24 hours.

You can rely on us

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Key features

Every Pupil Reward Points system benefits from these great features...

Powerful Reporting

Instantly run reports to show as much information as required on individual pupils, classes or groups. Reports can then be easily filtered and / or exported to a spreadsheet.

Easy maintenance

Any number of school administrators can easily add new pupils and staff, which can be automatically picked up from your school MIS. Class lists, attendance and even points can be updated automatically each day based on MIS data.

Online Badge System

Pupils automatically earn badges by meeting pre-set criteria as decided by your school. E.g. total points milestones and subject specific achievements. The appearance of on-screen badges can match real badges used by your school.


We will customise the system to use your school's existing terminolgy. E.g. Points, stars, merits, credits, tokens, stamps, or something else.

Easy to use

With quick sign in options, staff can award points with just a few clicks. With SIMS, staff can also award points via their SIMS register.

House Points

Full support for house points systems including live charts that can be shown in assemblies or displayed on screens around the school.

Your school's best ever rewards system

What schools are saying...

Don't take it from us. Staff and pupils really enjoy using Pupil Reward Points.