Character Building Systems

Develop positive character “virtues” in your pupils.


  • More resilient children who are better prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of later life. The system contributes towards pupils' spiritual, moral, social, and cultural (SMSC) development.
  • Staff can more easily identify whether their provision is providing sufficient and varied enrichment opportunities to develop virtues that are deemed to be the most important.
  • Staff can identify an individual pupil's strengths and areas for development by looking at the opportunities they have completed and encourage future involvement accordingly.
  • Evidence for Ofsted, Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), key performance indicators relating to the school's improvement plan etc.

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Our character building systems open pupils to a world of opportunities by encouraging them to try new activities and challenges as set by your school. We can tailor each character building system to the age of your children, whether that be primary, secondary or post-16. Activities could include volunteering, fundraising, mentoring others and public speaking, or perhaps trying a new sport, learning to ride a bike, or simply maintaining impeccable school uniform. There are hundreds of potential opportunities just waiting for pupils to discover.

How it works

To identify an activity to complete, a pupil can browse through a list of ideas with the option to filter activities by which virtue they would like to develop. For example, some activities may develop leadership or communication while others may develop courage, honesty, generosity, integrity, humility, resilience etc. There is no set list of character virtues; they can be decided by the school.

Once a pupil has identified an activity to complete, they can mark it as a target and if required, reflect on their progress towards meeting the target by recording comments beside it.

Once the activity has been completed, the pupil records what they have learned and submits the activity record to be checked by a member of staff.

Staff can then verify the activity, which is a very quick, easy process. By completing activities, pupils earn credits that eventually lead to much sought after virtual badges.

Information on activities

School staff can define activities or let pupils record their own. To save time, activities defined by the school staff can be assigned a list of appropriate virtues and credits. If the activity has not been defined by school staff, pupils and staff can select which virtues they think have been developed when recording the activity.