Benefits for Staff


We think our system is easier to use than any other rewards system. Staff can have the choice of awarding points using a desktop computer, iPad, mobile phone or by giving out a points top-up voucher. The system can also be setup to allow pupils to record their own achievements.

Recognising a student's achievements no longer requires the student to have remembered their log book or be physically present. Staff no longer need to manually count merits / points because the system does it automatically.

Even if the teacher does not award points during the lesson, points can be awarded at any time, from anywhere.

We do everything we can to reduce teacher workload. We encourage feedback from staff and can quickly make changes and improvements accordingly.

"I am enjoying using your new Rewards system as it is a quick visible way of rewarding the positive behaviour of pupils"

"considerably better than any commercial example we have seen"

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Monitor Performance

Access any student's achievements at the click of a button. See their performance over time and across subjects. An invaluable resource for meetings and parents evenings.

Monitoring performance over time

Staff performance can be monitored to ensure consistency. Points awarded by staff in a particular department (see below) can be broken down further to find out if points are being awarded in proportion to the amount of lessons taught by each member of staff.

Points awarded by departments

Run customReports

By linking the system to your school's MIS, you can run your own reports to examine points information in relation to gender, SEN groups, EAL, able / gifted / talented, free school meals etc. You can even export the results of reports to CSV / Excel for further analysis.

Comparison of points awarded by gender

Generate Certificates

At the click of a button, our system can automatically generate a certificate for every student that meets the chosen criteria. For example, highest points this week, month, term, year; or all students with 100 points. Every certificate contains the child's name, your school logo and a space for the date and a signature. As well as our default certificate background, you have the option to use your own certificate background or print without a background, if you have your own pre-printed template.

Automatically generated certificates