Staff Comments

"This looks really good. I'm sure the students and staff will enjoy the new system."

"Just wanted to say that I've had a look at the page, and it looks fantastic! It must have taken you a lot of time and effort to come up with it and set it up and I'm looking forward to using it."

"I think it is a great system and my class are all really excited about it."

"I am enjoying using your new Rewards system as it is a quick visible way of rewarding the positive behaviour of pupils"

"...colleagues were very impressed and when discussed today, several very complimentary comments were made."

"considerably better than any 'commercial' example we have seen"

"You've a lot to be proud of with your program!"

"I wasn't very efficient with the award system last term, but want to utilise the system fully this year as I know it's very effective."

Pupil Comments

"I think the website is better than merits because its so much easier and plus you can go on it at home" - year 7 pupil

"I like this website its better than merits if this is mr bloom thankyou for doing this its really wicked!!!!" - year 7 pupil

"This website is fab and i have 6 points how wicked !!!" - year 7 pupil

"I Likee Thiss Sitee Veryy Muchh xxxxxx Andd Thankss Forr Myy Rewardss xxxxxxxx" - year 7 pupil

"I think this is a really good idea because kids are proberly going to be better behaved and working harder to get more points" - year 10 pupil

"I think this new reward system is a good idea because now it is not our responsibility to put our merits in our log book it is the teachers responsability to put them on the website but i dont just think it is good for that i just think it is good anyway" - year 7 pupil

"give me some points :)" - year 10 pupil

"...we do like the new system. Thank you.xxxxxxxxxxxx"